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A person’s eyesight is one of their greatest assets. So, when something is affecting a person’s ability to see clearly, it is an issue that deserves immediate attention. Family Eye Care in Chico, CA, is a comprehensive optometry practice that addresses eye issues. 

If you have been looking for an optometrist, you may be interested in particular types of treatments for various eye issues. Here are some of the routine appointments and eye conditions that Family Eye Care can offer and treat. 

Vision Exams

It is important that every person has a routine eye and vision exam. Eye health is important, and every person’s visual abilities are unique. Just because an eye exam did not signify something outstanding one year does not mean it won’t change in the next year.

Annual exams are fundamental for making sure there are not any changes that need to be addressed. So, scheduling an exam is good preventative maintenance for keeping your eyes healthy and your vision balanced.

Prescriptions for Contacts

If you are visually impaired and wear (or need) glasses, you may be the perfect candidate for contact lenses. One of the specialties provided is making sure that patients that can benefit from contact lenses are accurately assessed and fitted.

Everyone’s eyes are different, and their visual needs are specific. So, anyone interested in wearing contact lenses must have a comprehensive assessment to ensure that contact lenses are appropriate for their vision.

Lasik Solutions for Eyes

For some eye patients, glasses or contacts are not the best solutions. Some people that are visually impaired can benefit from Lasik eye surgery. While many advertisements promote this procedure, not everyone can benefit from it because it does not work for everyone.

One of the benefits of choosing Family Eye Care is receiving an accurate and honest assessment of whether Lasik surgery will actually help improve vision. If it does, the Lasik procedure can be recommended, and the treatment can certainly be offered.

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Everyone deserves eye care that is dedicated and effective. Visual health is not something you should take for granted; there are medical professionals who will help care for your eyes. If you live in Chico, CA, and have been searching for a solid optometrist that provides great optometry care, call Family Eye Care at 530-899-3939.

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