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Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are thinking about eliminating glasses or trying a new type of contact lenses, disposable contacts are a convenient treatment that can provide you with a clearer vision. At Family Eye Care in Chico, CA, we provide eye exams to determine a suitable treatment that will help you see more clearly and preserve your vision. Before you schedule your appointment with us, learn more about disposable contact lenses below!


The Benefits of Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contacts offer a variety of benefits. Some of these advantages include:


Convenience is a common reason people choose disposable contacts. Daily also disposables don't require cleaning or storage. Along with that, if you happen to lose these contacts or they become contaminated, you can simply dispose them and use a new set.

Protect Eye Health 

Disposable contacts, particularly daily disposable lenses, are considered better for your eye health as well. These lenses are replaced daily, which means you will encounter less protein buildup and a reduced risk of infections. 

Types of Disposable Contacts 

Disposable contacts are considered soft lenses. There are two main type of disposable contacts, including daily disposable lenses and monthly disposable lenses. You can learn about these types below:

Daily Disposable Contacts 

Daily disposable contacts are designed to be tossed at the end of the day. These require no maintenance since a new pair is worn each day. Once you've taken these contacts out, they should be replaced with a new pair. If you remove them at lunchtime, you'll need to use a fresh pair when you decide to wear contacts again. Since these lenses are thin, protein can build up quickly. Bacteria can also enter the contacts once they are removed from their eyes, which puts you at risk for infection if you ever reuse them.

Monthly Disposable Contacts 

If you choose monthly disposable contacts, you'll need to care for them as you would regular contact lenses. These lenses are taken out each night, put into a cleaning solution, and worn the next day. After you have used them for a month, they get disposed and a new pair is needed. Certain types of monthly disposables are designed to be replaced once a week or every two weeks and can be worn overnight.   

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If you are considering disposable contacts, our team at Family Eye Care in Chico, CA, is happy to help. After an eye exam, we can recommend the type that would be best suited for your condition. To learn more about these lenses or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (530) 899-3939 today. We look forward to helping you achieve clearer vision!

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