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If you have a certain eye condition that prevents you from wearing traditional contacts, then hard-to-fit contact lenses might be right for you. At Family Eye Care Optometry, we have shared the benefits of specialty contact lenses with residents of Chico, CA, for many years. Traditional contact lenses can present some challenges for people with refractive errors, but there are several options available.


Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

There are many reasons why your eyes may be considered as hard to fit, but there is a solution for your situation that will have you seeing clearly without glasses. You can be fitted for hard-to-fit contact lenses if you have the following conditions:

  • Astigmatism- This is a condition that blurs your vision due to the irregular shaping of the cornea. Toric lenses are typically the best option for those with astigmatism.
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) – GPC is when the eyelid becomes swollen or red. Our eye doctors will first treat the condition with prescribed cromolyn sodium drops, and then when your eyes are clear of GPC, we will fit you with single-use, disposable lenses or rigid lenses that will help prevent the development of papillae.
  • Keratoconus - If you have a cornea that bulges outward, you can still wear contacts. We recommend rigid lenses for patients with this condition as it stops the corneal from bulging and helps correct your vision.
  • Presbyopia - As we age, our ability to see objects near us begins to fade. If you are over 40 and have presbyopia, bifocal lenses might be the right solution for you. But, it may be necessary to be fitted with multifocal lenses to help you to read and see near objects more clearly.

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