Choosing Between Glasses and Contacts

Choosing Between Glasses and Contacts

When you have an eye exam and have your new prescription, you may wonder whether you want to wear contact lenses or glasses. This can be a tough choice, as both are highly effective at correcting vision, and both options have a number of important benefits. Whether you want glasses or contacts, you first need your eye exam with an optometrist. To get an appointment, call our optometry center in Chico, CA, to schedule a time that's convenient for you. We at Family Eye Care Optometry are here to help.

The Benefits of Wearing Contacts

When you wear contacts, there are several great benefits that you get from them. They do require a little time to get used to them, but after that learning period, they can be easy to care for. It takes just a little bit to take care of them in the morning and at night. Wearing contacts can be very convenient as well. They don't need any maintenance while you're wearing them as glasses often do. You don't have to clean them or make any adjustments to them all day. You don't even need to think about them until it's bedtime. They are great to wear when you are engaging in exercise because they don’t get fogged up, and they usually won't fall out. Many people with highly active lifestyles wear contacts for these reasons.

The Benefits of Wearing Glasses

When you wear glasses, they do need a little maintenance, but they are simple to use. There's no need to take time to learn to use them, and they can be removed and put on in a couple of seconds. Many people choose glasses because they like the way they look. They provide a classic look that can be a great way to engage in fashion choices. Picking just the right color and shape can be fun as people try new styles.

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Whether you wear glasses or contacts, get an optometry exam every year. To see an optometrist on our optometry team for your exam and vision correction method, call our Chico, CA, office for an appointment. We at Family Eye Care Optometry are here to help. Call us at (530) 899-3939.

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